• Came for a School Visit / Attended an Open House .

  • Participated in a Parent Interview.

  • Submitted Application for Admissions with Application Fee

  • Filled out "Request for Student Records" form.

  • Submitted the "Student Assessment Report" form to your child's
    current school (to be returned directlyby your child's current school).

  • Your child came for an interview or class visit.

  • Reviewed your child's Wilson Education Plan with the head of school.

  • Signed Enrollment Agreement and paid deposit.
The Wilson School believes that a quality education should be affordable. To that end, the school strives to provide financial aid to qualifying families. All aid granted is need-based, except for the middle school merit scholarship.
Applying to the Wilson School is a straightforward process, designed to place a minimal burden on you. The first step in the process is a parent interview, the goal of which is to facilitate our understanding of your educational goals and your child's particular traits. This is the first step in determining if Wilson is right for your child.

Application forms must be submitted next, which is followed by a student interview and class visit. This interview / visit is coordinated by the admissions director, and may involve teachers in, above and below your child's grade level.

At this point, the admissions director will determine whether a psychological evaluation is appropriate. If it is not, then the school will decide whether to admit your child or not. This decision is reached and presented to you, along with a draft of your child's Wilson Education Plan. If you choose to enroll your child, this plan will be further consulted and fine-tuned with you before the start of classes.
Please be sure to print two copies of your application: one for your records, and one to be sent to the Wilson School. Next, mail a copy of the application and your current year's tax return to the Wilson School's Business Office.

The entire admissions process takes 3 – 6 weeks. You can expect that it will occupy a little of your time, but no more than 3 - 4 hours over the course of the entire process.

The Wilson School accepts applications on a rolling, first-come first-served basis. Applicants are considered for admission without regard to sex, race, religion or ethnic origin. The Wilson School will make reasonable accommodation for applicants during the admissions process in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Download the 2011-12 Application Form.