• Completed Financial Aid Interview.

  • Filled out Parents' Financial Statements on NAIS web site.

  • Sent the Wilson School a copy of the NAIS application.

  • Uploaded current year’s tax return, w-2s, and 1099s to
    SSS website.
The Wilson School believes that a quality education should be affordable. To that end, the school strives to provide financial aid to qualifying families. All aid granted is need-based, except for the middle school merit scholarship.
Once your child is admitted to the Wilson School, we encourage you to discuss financial aid with the business office. Financial aid awards must be renewed each year that the student remains enrolled at the Wilson School.

The process begins with a Financial Aid Interview that is designed to facilitate our understanding of your situation and requirements, so that we can find ways of accommodating your child.

The Parents' Financial Statement must be completed and provided to the School and Student Service by NAIS. This organization provides the school with an independent assessment of your financial needs. To submit your application online, go to sss.nais.org and click on Website for Families . When filling out your application, be sure to include Wilson School's SSS Code: 8239.

Please be sure to print two copies of your application: one for your records, and one to be sent to the Wilson School. Next, mail a copy of the application and your current year's tax return to the Wilson School's Business Office.
Your request for financial aid will not be considered until all paperwork is received. Please take care in filling out every item, including a realistic estimate for item 20. Forms with these items left blank or with $0 will not be considered.

Following review, the school will present you with a proposal for financial aid and tuition payment options.