You want your children to have the best possible future. You want them to be happy, successful, and secure. The Wilson School does too. We believe that the foundation your children receive in primary school is the best predictor for their future success.
    For the last century, the Wilson School has been providing families like yours with
    an alternative:
  • Individualized Curriculum: Wilson works with you and your child to design a personalized curriculum that is custom-tailored to address your child's strengths and needs.

  • Accelerated Curriculum: Wilson's curriculum builds on a "baseline" that is generally 1 to 3 years ahead of state standards. Despite this acceleration, the program is designed to facilitate your child's integration into more traditional educational environments.

  • Goal-oriented, Personalized Education Plan: Working with you and based on your child's evaluation, Wilson teachers develop a written, goal-oriented, personalized curriculum designed to teach your child the way he or she learns.

  • Small Class Sizes: The Wilson Process cannot be used in a large school. By design, Wilson classes are limited to ten students, to facilitate this personalized approach.
  • Individual Evaluation: Students are evaluated to identify academic, emotional, social and artistic strengths and areas for improvement. This written evaluation is used to personalize the curriculum to suit the needs, gifts and talents of your child.

  • Systematic Method: The Wilson Process is a systematic educational method that uses the best practices in individualized pedagogy to address your child's talents and gifts.

  • Accountability: Wilson works with you to assess how effectively the plan has been implemented, re-evaluating your child to identify new strengths or areas that deserve particular focus. The plan is adjusted to reflect your child's developing needs.

  • Diverse Student Body: Wilson prides itself on having a student body with diverse abilities and backgrounds, facilitating optimal social development.
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