The Wilson School was founded in 1909 by Rev. Henry Wilson and his wife Theresa. Their goal was to provide an alternative to the public school education by creating individualized curricula for each of the students, allowing students to move at their own pace within a structured program, and encouraging students to use their strengths in developing their academic, creative and social skills.
This has not changed in the 100+ years that The Wilson School has been educating students. Starting from an
advanced curriculum already 1 – 3 years ahead of public core curriculum standards, the faculty works with your child to develop a Wilson Education Plan. This document serves as a roadmap and an evaluation, building on your child's talents, and mapping their strengths, needs, and goals.
Classes are small, limited to 10 in each grade, PK-8. Opportunities are great, limited only by the imagination and interests of the students and families. Each student participates in sports in the school’s full-sized gym, swimming in the on-campus pool, and practicing yoga and art in those studios. Moreover, each is given multiple opportunities throughout the school year to perform on stage in the 300-seat auditorium.

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